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A Collection of Cute QR Codes

Lots of cute QR codes!


Hey, guys! My birthday is coming up in just under two weeks!

I’m going to be throwing a party with my siblings and cousin via Animal Crossing since we can’t celebrate together, so I’m looking for five of the birthday getup; Birthday Hat (x5) and Birthday Sunglasses (x5)!

I’m also looking for the Birthday Board and Birthday Candle.

I can pay Bells or if you can duplicate I am more than willing to use my town as a host and you can bring any other items you wish to duplicate as well!


(✿╹◡╹)ノ☆.。₀:*゚ source ★゚・:,。゚・:,。☆


I made something spring-ish and fun for my villagers to wear~

(Source: plasticskittles)

(Source: ichigocrossing)




ウァラクのケープは角度によって見えるような見えないようなって感じの作りになってます 大体見えないです



Weee, more grassy paths! I wanted something with a little more green.  Both wide and narrow paths!


I saw a lot the second dress in Tumblr, and I found a version with other colours and decided to post it.

Not by me

Now everyone can wear Bilbo Baggin’s jacket, and relax in their hobbit hole whilst enjoying second breakfast.

Now everyone can wear Bilbo Baggin’s jacket, and relax in their hobbit hole whilst enjoying second breakfast.


Lots of Bunny Day fun in Alicorn!

Had Dylan, Julian, and Elizabeth come to my town today to celebrate Easter! Everyone got a Bunny Hood and a Bunny Balloon, and then I let them run around my town and find eggs I had hidden!

Since we won’t be able to play tomorrow when Zipper is actually around and I didn’t have time to get three separate egg sets for them, I let them trade their tickets to me instead - for pictures of their favorite villagers and island exclusive items! Of course Julian picked Julian’s pic. ;)

It was so much fun and I’m so glad that being in different states didn’t ruin our holiday! They’re already planning what we should do for the next one!


More Tie Dress recolours! (1) (2)


Contest Submission #28 by svvaggycrossing

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I changed a few more details, and I felt guilty not posting them because I think it looks so much better with the butt frills and the thicker arm band thing.


Bibi’s done it again! Gracing us with another stunning qr path! Check her latest blog entry for the complete path